Kobe Beef Burgers - Key & Peele
Metta World News - Key & Peele
29 күн мурун
The Invitation - Key & Peele
A Wise Bully - Key & Peele
3 ай мурун
Hurting at the Bar - Key & Peele
White Zombies - Key & Peele
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Pouring One Out - Key & Peele
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How to Ruin a Joke - Key & Peele
Magical Negro Fight - Key & Peele
Bernát Kun
Bernát Kun Секунд мурун
I will let you know, that infact, I am a Congolese prince aswell, and I think that you are but a pretender
Phurious Storm
Phurious Storm Мүнөт мурун
Oh the 80s
Jonny_S_ 5 мүнөт мурун
puppy face frisbee picnic!
Manterical 6 мүнөт мурун
I hate Jimmy with every essence of my being.
Joseph Vahabzadeh
Joseph Vahabzadeh 6 мүнөт мурун
I'm particularly fond of the nod to Rick Morani's character from Ghostbusters!
Broad Nk
Broad Nk 7 мүнөт мурун
I would pay double if it means having him as a landlord
IvanSensei88 9 мүнөт мурун
Cevapi... they literally look like dog shit, but damn.. do they taste good. Actually, almost all slav food looks completely unappetizing.... but the taste... it's like they didn't give a single damn about the presentation and just focused on doing whatever they can to make it taste good.. it's like shoving all your character's Skill Points into that trait and leaving Charisma at 0. Cevapi/Kebapi look like dog shit Ajvar looks like a bloody diarrhea Sataras looks like vomit Sarma looks like some wrapped up depressing prison food Musaka looks like a greasy failed lasagna Tursija looks like a bunch of dumped vegetable leftovers that even pigs wouldn't want to eat Punjena paprika looks literally like an inside-out asshole Cufte look like pair of bloody ballsacks on your plate etc etc But they all have so damn good xD
still__4twenneCliCC 9 мүнөт мурун
Idk how yall come up with these creative ass sketches. To laugh at another ones pain....fuccn brilliant!!
Conswala Hill
Conswala Hill 12 мүнөт мурун
The landlord got his shit layed down💆🏽‍♂️
DBC15 00
DBC15 00 14 мүнөт мурун
I love how everyone’s met one of these lads...
RevenantRyan 20 мүнөт мурун
2:52 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and 2:53 Torque (Construction noise) Lewith are the best by a MILE
Salimah Ihsaan
Salimah Ihsaan 23 мүнөт мурун
Am I the only one who has a dark sense of humor took me somewhere else with that Kobe Beef....😫😫 R.I.P Kobe Bryant I
BasketOfPuppies 25 мүнөт мурун
Where is the full hour and half documentary that we really need?
gigas81 26 мүнөт мурун
"u-uh, NOW I SEE IT..." lol!!
J Fo
J Fo 26 мүнөт мурун
So who noticed south northern
Sunny Kondvilkar
Sunny Kondvilkar 27 мүнөт мурун
LMAO 😂 #Gold
George B
George B 33 мүнөт мурун
I lost it at 1:26 🤣🤣🤣
just one random guy
just one random guy 33 мүнөт мурун
Imagine if this happened to birdman..😂
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia 33 мүнөт мурун
1:48 I mean "I like my girls BBW", but dayumm. .
Rajah Cardio
Rajah Cardio 34 мүнөт мурун
The people in that back seemed confused lol
Dorian Sabourin
Dorian Sabourin 35 мүнөт мурун
Idk racist zombies seem like a good way to live guess ill die
chocol8milk 38 мүнөт мурун
The flexibility and depth of their acting and personas never ceases to amaze me. These guys are amazing. Hope they team up in the near future and start releasing new material.
John Mayer’s
John Mayer’s 41 мүнөт мурун
They should make them real songs
Mendo 41 мүнөт мурун
Guess it's ok to be racist against black people when u're jewish 🤷🏼‍♂️
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera 41 мүнөт мурун
Sinister cause presents the force awakens on KGpost
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera 41 мүнөт мурун
Sinister cause presents the force awakens on KGpost
LN-kellz 43 мүнөт мурун
Guess who’s not invited to the next cookout
It’s Bigger Picture
It’s Bigger Picture 43 мүнөт мурун
He smoke crack thou 😜
zuhn 43 мүнөт мурун
I watched this
Wimskey 44 мүнөт мурун
As a British person I find this hilarious, 'was quite a conundrum' got me
Nick Curran
Nick Curran 45 мүнөт мурун
We got two little ... on Swiffers! Hilarious
Christine Ferreira
Christine Ferreira 48 мүнөт мурун
Over here trying to sing about a tire swing 😂😂
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 48 мүнөт мурун
Amber, wow
Roy Brown
Roy Brown 50 мүнөт мурун
Key and Peele are so great I can't believe it, that had me laughing out loud.
live4marilyn 51 мүнөт мурун
Jordan sounds like Jack Black in this skit
Wes Paul Unoccupied
Wes Paul Unoccupied 52 мүнөт мурун
His acting in this scene is great. Being able to go back and forth between white/black jeff so quickly depending on which person he's talking to is pretty incredible.
Benjamin Mohs
Benjamin Mohs 53 мүнөт мурун
phatboy243 53 мүнөт мурун
😂😂 crying
Go Home and get your shinebox
Go Home and get your shinebox 54 мүнөт мурун
If this guy was on that plane that crashed and got LOST, they would all have definitely failed.
Dayo John
Dayo John 57 мүнөт мурун
The irony of an American acting as a British actor acting as an American in this very skit 😂
Raphael Yvens
Raphael Yvens 57 мүнөт мурун
11 kid Haïti wtf
Macabee Jeno Callard
Macabee Jeno Callard 58 мүнөт мурун
Shaun Poole
Shaun Poole 58 мүнөт мурун
He said they on swiffers
WildcatShellz Саат мурун
Its De Nice
Persephone-stan Саат мурун
1:46 when the drugs wear off
Jeramie Shoe
Jeramie Shoe Саат мурун
That's jon lajoie I can recognize the voice
BrickHabitat Productions
BrickHabitat Productions Саат мурун
Once I wanted to go to the bathroom on an airplane and a flight attended told me to go back to my seat because it was too dangerous.
earthaltar Саат мурун
That's a shit load of applied molding on those walls for a crack house. Painter's nightmare.
M. 333rd
M. 333rd Саат мурун
Now you see it?......LOL
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Саат мурун
Simply_ Vibing
Simply_ Vibing Саат мурун
I’m gonna try to be the next Justin Y.
radioactivsmurf Саат мурун
Its all fake then?
Rafael Fernandez
Rafael Fernandez Саат мурун
241 vs 163 pounds??? Who the fuck is hosting this fight? Does the "UWL" not have basic weight classes???
WildcatShellz Саат мурун
the end was not expected
Sonja S
Sonja S Саат мурун
One of my favs. 😂😂😂😂
Clap Forboobies
Clap Forboobies Саат мурун
He sounds like fresh prince
D C Саат мурун
I always love people who are like, “He’s a good guy, *b U T”*
Swazy Plus
Swazy Plus Саат мурун
Why he always have his mouth open like that when he play his back characters lol peele
Вячеслав Гончаров
Вячеслав Гончаров Саат мурун
So you have 2 blackskinned guys in your team, but just one is "black falcon"? Hmmmmmm. Seems like someone don't know how to write logic sketches. P.S. if i had to choose color i had to choose black, because it's cooler than green, and "black falcon" sounds really cool. But "green falcon"? naaaaah.
Xervis Lane
Xervis Lane Саат мурун
I really don't get this hollywood kid mentality. It is ok if you got where you are cuz of your parents. You have an advantage, why not use it? The problem is they keep insisting they are where they are because of their own work. Look, you have success, you dont need to have everything.
Stephania Pierce
Stephania Pierce Саат мурун
nigel brown
nigel brown Саат мурун
this is too close to reality for comfort - very funny!!
D 5
D 5 Саат мурун
That's just straight up fart at 3:18
Mike Noob
Mike Noob Саат мурун
Carlito: "Man f*** all of you guys with your bitch-ass chairs" Table: *You will regret this*
Meatsocool Саат мурун
A psycho killer's hell would indeed be a place where all his victims are completely nonchalant about him.
If just real life that your full a bleep put your hands up
J HARRIS 2 саат мурун
While we down here!!!
Dr. Lopez Ramon
Dr. Lopez Ramon 2 саат мурун
Why is this so frickin boring? I didnt even chuckle a little bit
Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid 2 саат мурун
Good Lord... That "call today" was so sad. 🤣🤣🤣
ĎÅŘĶ ĞÅM3Ŕ 2 саат мурун
Is dat asa akira
J M 2 саат мурун
I guess this is what hell feels like.
Project Black Podcast
Project Black Podcast 2 саат мурун
Metta World Peace is a national treasure idgaf who says otherwise😭😂
White 2 саат мурун
I love how he didn't immediately recognize the fact that the Asian lady wasn't a 4 ft 3 black man with a purple beard
Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta 2 саат мурун
01:51 "I ain't comin' back for that fourth one"
Kimberly Hampton
Kimberly Hampton 2 саат мурун
[email protected] "SWORD CANE"
shredman59 2 саат мурун
The ending is the best
RC LIFT OFF! 2 саат мурун
Not the sword cane! LMAO
mosart 2 саат мурун
We actually had a guy use the "My wife is pregnant" excuse in civil court over why he sold us a car with the wrong mileage written down. (amazingly we got our money back!)
Neo Luthuli
Neo Luthuli 2 саат мурун
Good looking out dualing hats hahaha
Burt1038 2 саат мурун
I guess they can't all be winners...